September 2006 News

EU to back Musharraf on Kashmir solution

25 September 2006
The Pakistan Tribune

Brussels: Mr. James Elles (MEP), Chairman All Party Group for Kashmir in the European Parliament and the Rapporteur of the Budget Committee welcomed the efforts of General Musharraf for the permanent resolution of Jammu and Kashmir to bring peace in the region. He said that history was made at the extraordinarily successful Global Discourse on Kashmir 2006, which was held in the European Parliament . He thanked the President and wished him very best in his endeavours to bring peace and prosperity to the region. He said EU is on the back of General Musharraf to solve Kashmir issue as per peoples aspirations . He said that we concluded Global Discourse on Kashmir 2006 that the people of Jammu and Kashmir should be fully included in the peace process, the governments of India and Pakistan should agree to establish a Working Group on Jammu and Kashmir. Such a group should bring together all the three parties with legitimate interest in being involved in finding a solution the Pakistani government, the Indian government and the people of Jammu and Kashmir . Believing firmly that reduced military and para-military forces In Jammu and Kashmir will bring a great sense of security along with Cessation of all violence and flexibility and tolerance in thinking and mindset . Recommending strongly that international organizations to appeal to all Kashmiri militant groups to declare a ceasefire . Insisting overwhelmingly to ensure the promotion and protection of all human rights in Jammu and Kashmir . Ensuring that there is enhanced and improved communication across The Ceasefire Line in order to make the Ceasefire Line as irrelevant as Possible and making progress on the path towards resolution and peace, the initiative need to be taken, with help of the EU and others, to organize as early as possible a conference at which all segments of Jammu and Kashmir political spectrum should be invited in order to give them the opportunity for consultation in a free and fair atmosphere . Barrister Majid Tramboo, Chairman and Executive Director of International Council for Human Rights and Kashmir Centre. EU in his expressed his delight to the President for having accepted our Invitation to this third Global Discourse on Kashmir . He particularly appreciated the President's approach based on sincerity, flexibility and courage. Elles complimented the President on demonstrating huge courage to fight terrorism in his own country.


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