October 2006 News

Pakistan admits helping Kashmir militancy

6 October 2006
The Daily Times

Lahore: Pakistan has admitted that it might have helped insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir at some time, but claimed it was now trying its best to prevent militant infiltrations into India, according to a report in the Press Trust of India. Jihad, insurgency or whatever you want to call it in Kashmir ... yes, Pakistan may have helped the jihad at some time, but it was not started by us, and now we are trying our best to stop people from crossing, the report quoted Pakistani Ambassador to the US Mahmud Ali Durrani as saying. Asked what Pakistan was doing to stop terrorist outfits like the Lashkar-e- Taiba (LeT) from crossing into Jammu and Kashmir, he said, To the best of my knowledge LeT is a banned organisation. They are no more in Pakistan. He, however, said that the LeT had money collection boxes in markets of Rawalpindi even two years ago. There were these hundreds and thousands of these boxes. That is finished and LeT does not have the luxury of those funds, he said in the report. We are trying our very best. There is no serious cross-border movement today in Kashmir, Durrani claimed. Both parties (India and Pakistan) have responsibilities. If we cant hypothetically stop every guy from crossing over, the other side has a responsibility too, therefore it is a joint issue. It has been addressed, he said. Durrani brushed aside as grossly overstated the notion that in the event of another military coup, jihadists and extremists would come to the fore.


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