October 2006 News

Join the dialogue process, separatists told

16 October 2006
The Hindu
Shujaat Bukhari

Srinagar: Asking the separatists to join the dialogue process for a bright future of the State, the Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister, Ghulam Nabi Azad, on Monday said they should stop crying in the wilderness as the 16-year-old bloodshed had not given anything to people except deaths, destruction and miseries. He said that doors for talks were open and whosoever wants to help people to come out of the morass should come forward and take part. After inaugurating a bridge on Srinagar-Gulmar road in Kunzer, Mr. Azad said that since 1947 the divisive forces had been hell bent upon disrupting the secular atmosphere in the State. 'They never looked back on that but the people of the State always supported strong democratic and secular character,' he said adding that even with the onset of gun the people have been fighting such forces tooth and nail. The violence cannot be the medium for resolving an issue. It is only the table, he said. Making it clear that development cannot be made hostage to any crisis; he said it had to go to make the lives of people better. 'The development is a continuous process and cannot wait settlement of issues as the demands and needs of people grow with time requiring immediate attention of the government. Simultaneous attention has to be given to carry forward development scenario with faster pace and commitment to seek the economic well-being of the people and progress of the State along with looking for settlement of all problems faced by the people,' he said. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had provided the most viable and pragmatic platform of roundtable conferences to deliberate upon issues and put forth viewpoints which should be taken best advantage of in the interest of the State and the people. 'In the last 16 years, our development fields suffered a lot, thousands lost lives, became disabled, orphaned and women rendered widows. Violence like everywhere has given us nothing but killings, harassment, extortion, shrieks and sorrows. It has marred our education system, created plethora of unemployed youth, crippled our trade and commerce, rendered our artisans, world-class artists of handicrafts and skilful workers jobless, not to talk of hitting the tourism sector badly,' the Chief Minister maintained.


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