November 2006 News

Rift between Sikandar, Qayyum group in MC widens

4 November 2006
The Pakistan Tribune

Islamabad: Rising political differences have widened the rift between Qayyum group and Sikandar Group of the All Jammu-Kashmir Muslim conference. The Sikandar group has even advised its member to avoid any participation in the meetings of the central executive Committee, which has made the participation of many serving ministers and Assembly members sympathetic to Sikandar group doubtful. This doubt has been reinforced after the directives were given by former PM, and the supreme leader of 'S' faction, Sardar Sikandar Hayat . Sources have also informed that Qayyum 'Q' group tried its level best to win the consent of 'S' dissidents for their participation in the meeting but to no avail, while Sardar Sikandar Hayat has decided upon a new strategy after the elections.


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