November 2006 News

AJK govt accused of weakening institutions

10 November 2006
The Dawn

Islamabad: President Jammu and Kashmir People’s Party (JK PP) has accused the AJK government led by Sardar Attique Ahmad Khan of weakening institutions to strengthen the ruling party’s position. Speaking at a press conference on the completion of 100 days of Muslim Conference in power, he said the fears that the party was brought in power with some ulterior motive were proving to be correct now. He said a campaign to weaken the institutions had been launched in the AJK and the out-of-turn appointment of the Acting Chief Election Commissioner Justice Riaz Akhtar Chaudhry as the Chief Justice of Azad Kashmir was a glaring example of it. He said it was something unprecedented in the history of Azad Kashmir. He pointed out that Riaz Akhtar Chaudhry was appointed as Chief Justice, less than a month after he became the judge of the Supreme Court.


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