November 2006 News

PM Warns Against Terror Beyond J&K

23 November 2006
The Hindustan Times

New Delhi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday called for 'comprehensively' countering the challenge of terrorism. He said a firm response to terror should come not only from security forces but also civil society and political parties. 'Our government is determined to fight and root out terrorism and the ideologies that justify and seek to sustain it,' Singh told a conference of di rectors-general and inspectors-general of police in the Capital, hours before the oppo- sition stalled Parliament, accusing the UPA government of being soft on internal security and demanding that Parliament attack convict Mohammad Afzal be hanged. Home Minister Shivraj Patil had on Wednesday outlined the security situa- tion in the country. There was, however, no explicit reference to Pakistan since Delhi wants to engage Islamabad in the composite-dialogue process and not rhet- oric. Singh too stuck to this script and only made an oblique reference. 'There are misguided elements at home and our neighbourhood. Their ideologies negate all that our country stands for,' Singh said. 'We need a firm response from security forces. We also need a resolute response from... civil society and all our political parties.' He said terror in the country was no longer centred on Jammu and Kashmir. 'Attempts to take this threat to other parts of the country to create fear in the minds of our people are in evidence,' he said. He gave credit to security forces for ensuring that such attempts 'have remained largely unsuccessful'. 'But there is no scope for complacency. We cannot be satisfied with status quo,' Singh said. He added that positive developments in Jammu and Kashmir had kindled the hope that 'political solutions' could be found to address public grievances.


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