December 2006 News

Pak allowing terror camps on its soil: Farooq

1 December 2006
The Daily Excelsior
Excelsior Correspondent

Srinagar: Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Dr Farooq Abdullah has said the Pakistan Government is allowing terror camps to be run on its soil and peace can only be restored in Kashmir once 'New Delhi arrives on a settlement with Islamabad'. 'In Pakistan, no movement can take place unless the Government allows them. Camps are there and people are trained there,' Dr Abdullah said in 'One-on-One' programme, to be telecast tomorrow, on NDTV. 'And unless, literally, you come to some sort of a settlement with Pakistan, don't be under any illusion that you are going to get peace in Kashmir or in the rest of the country,' he added. The former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister said India should have been on an advanced stage to make its own weapons to counter terror attacks. 'I think we would be making our own weapons, we would be having all those grenades, and there would be an advanced State in the country,' he said. 'Unfortunately we are not that advanced to make all these weapons. They are coming across the border,' he said . Blaming former Jammu and Kashmir Governor Jagmohan among others for the 'Kashmir fiasco', he said, 'I would blame a number of them. There's Jagmohan, who was the prime mover of the things.' 'He killed people...He ordered the crackdown on the people there. And I'm sure he's the one who is responsible for supplying trucks when the Hindus were moved. He may deny it,' he added. The former Chief Minister said he would like to be the President of India but would not 'lobby or run after the post'. 'I would like to be the President when the post falls vacant. If it was offered to me then I would love it,' Dr Abdullah said. He said should he shift into Rashtrapati Bhawan he would like to speak his mind to the Government of the day. He claimed that there are many issues that even Dr A P J Abdul Kalam is not able to express a view on. However, when asked what these issues were, he declined to explain. Dr Abdullah said he was offered the post by then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee at the time of the last presidential elections and he believed that 'he would be the NDA's candidate for the post'. 'But not only did this not happen, nobody told me.... I discovered this when the nomination of the other person was filed. That is when I found out that I was not there,'he added. Dr Abdullah said he did not 'campaign fully' in the 2002 Assembly elections in the State because of that reason. 'It was because I believed that I would be the next President, that I did not campaign fully in the last Assembly elections in Kashmir,' he said. 'If I had canvassed in the election, then my party would have won.... Instead, I went off to South Africa at a crucial time in the campaign,' he added. Asked about the perception that he is a ' ladies man' Dr Abdullah asserted that 'I am not a gay person. I am not a homosexual,'. 'I do not do anything under the carpet because God sees everything you do,' Dr Abdullah said during 'one-on-one' programme. Asked about his own reputation as a man who is not capable of concentration and had 'an attention span of 30 seconds' or ' ants in his pants', he vehemently denied it and argued, 'if that was true, I would not have lasted so long.'.


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