December 2006 News

Kashmir not Americas issue to resolve: Sen Biden

2 December 2006
The Daily Times
Khalid Hasan

Washington DC: Senator Joseph Biden, the incoming chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has said that Kashmir is not an issue that is ours to solve. In an interview with India Abroad, he was asked if on taking over the chairmanship of the committee next month he would advocate that Washington use its good offices to resolve the Kashmir imbroglio, to which he replied that he would not bring the question up without consultation with India first. He added, I dont think we can determine - we the United States - (how it should be resolved). He said the US should use what positive pressures it could to move in the direction in which Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was moving and get some accommodation, but that (issue) in not ours to resolve. Answering a question about the US having made India an exception to the nonproliferation regime by signing a nuclear cooperation deal with New Delhi, Biden said, I am most often asked, Well, why India and not Pakistan and Iran? and I say, What do you mean, why India? Number one, India has been a partner and not promoting proliferation. Pakistan and AQ Khan have done more damage to the world than any single country (without starting a) war India lives in a very tough neighbourhood. So the idea that India, with China to its north and Pakistan to its west, would not become a nuclear power is just not a reasonable expectation.


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