December 2006 News

Musharraf says no to Kashmir independence

4 December 2006
The Daily Times

New Delhi: President Pervez Musharraf said he was opposed to independence for Kashmir, but both India and Pakistan will have to compromise over the disputed territory, in an interview made available Monday. Yes, we are against independence for Kashmir, Musharraf told the Indian NDTV news channel in an interview, excerpts of which were made available to the media on Monday. Musharraf said both India and Pakistan would have to make compromises. He called for equal change in both countries Kashmir policies. He mooted a four- point agenda withdrawal of both armies from the region; neutralisation of Kashmiri borders without changes in the Line of Control; self-governance, with both countries patrolling the region; and neutralisation of the LoC. He cautioned that the four-point agenda should not be considered a condition for Kashmir talks.


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