December 2006 News

FM radio arrives in Kashmir

8 December 2006
Indo-Asian News Service

Jammu: Jammu and Kashmir's first FM radio channel, Big 92.7 FM, will start operating Dec 18.'We're here,' said Tarun Katial, the chief operating officer of Adlabs Films, the parent organisation of Big 92.7 FM.'Big 92.7 FM will be a 24-hour radio channel and start operations from Dec 18,' he said at a news conference here. The station, the first entertainment initiative in many years, was launched Friday and will reach Kashmir Valley within a week.'Everybody has been shying away from Kashmir. We thought of being the trendsetters. Kashmiris are very special people, but nobody has been building infrastructure here,' Katial said. As the signature tune of the station fades out, radio jockeys sign in with the words 'Suno. Sunao. Life Banao' (Hear. Be heard. Change your destiny).'We don't want to fish out just entertainment. We would also counsel youth on careers, make them think big, dream big and achieve big,' said RJ Nazrana. The RJs, all from Jammu, have received two-and-a-half months training at Ahmedabad where they honed their accent, modulation and the art of holding the audience.Jagmeet Singh Bahri, Big 92.7 FM cluster head for the state, did not divulge investment details about the state, but said the company had spent Rs.4 billion nationwide only on transmission equipment, infrastructure and licensing. 'The network will be the largest ever spanning across 45 cities, 1,000 towns and 50,000 villages,' he said. Launching operations in conflict-hit Jammu and Kashmir though can be tricky for the company. Cinemas, which had restarted operating in Kashmir, are still suffering in terms of business after a ban imposed by various militant outfits.


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