December 2006 News

‘Dam being built in freezing cold’

10 December 2006
The Dawn

Skardu: Local people on Sunday criticised the continuing construction work on Sadpara dam in temperatures below freezing point, saying that sub- standard building procedures might spell a disaster in future. They said that construction work is usually not allowed from Nov 15 in mountainous areas where temperatures fall below freezing point. They pointed out that Descon, the construction company working on the project, was still building the spillway, penstock and cut-up wall where concrete was being mixed for various structures. Experts said that for the concrete to set properly, the maximum temperature should not be less than 4 degree Centigrade, adding that the temperature was below minus eight degrees Centigrade around the Sadpara dam site. They said that the cut-up wall, a key structure of the dam project, was being built in harsh freezing temperatures, which could prove to be dangerous to people in Skardu in future. The people urged the authorities concerned to take immediate notice of Sadpara dam construction before it was too late.


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