December 2006 News

Radio Jammu Wins Hearts In Pak

10 December 2006

Jammu: Recently launched FM radio service in Jammu has become a friendship link for people across the border. The stray FM signals, which cross over to Pakistan have now forged a bond between the people of India and Pakistan. With Sialkot only 35 kms away from Jammu, the radio signals are unstoppable and so is the response from across the border. 'We are same people. They are great fans of Hindi movies and Indian sports stars like Tendulkar. The letters they write us are their 15-seconds of fame where we read every bit a about the Pakistani listener for people across the border,' says Nitish Kumar Arora Transmission executive, and anchor on Radio Jammu. People in Pakistan are ardent listeners of Yuvvani Dost-a programme on FM radio which addresses song requests and letters from across the border. The letters from Pakistan reflect eager voices for friendship and reminiscent pre-partition tones. So far, over 250 letters from Pakistan have been archived and even Sialkot prisoners write to the radio station. 'I have been sentenced to death. I like all your programmes but Yuvvani is my favourite. I forget my sentence when I am with your programme, quotes a letter from a death-sentenced prisoner Nazir Ahmad who says radio is his only respite from the gloomy walls of prison. 'At times there are requests from jail that if you can do something for us I get goose-pimples all over my body when I read them,' says Nitish. Every Friday, Yuvvani Dost profiles one Pakistani listener. The anchor reads Their letters that reflect eager voices for friendship reminicent pre-Partition tones and even jottings from the prisons. While notes from Sialkot (Pakistan) are broadcasted on Radio Jammu, there are listeners who send their photographs from Pakistan and request Hindi songs. Yuv-vani Dost was started on October 14 last year, a few days after a strong earthquake struck parts India (Jammu) and Pakistan. 'Our radio has won hearts in Pakistan,' says Tangmo the station director of Radio Jammu.


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