December 2006 News

Pakistan's Kashmir Policy buckled under US pressure: Kashmiri leaders

12 December 2006
The Pakistan Tribune

Islamabad: Various political and religious circles of Azad Kashmir have severely condemned and criticized the recent briefing of Foreign affairs spokesperson, according to which Pakistan has disclaimed any policy of the slogan 'Kashmir banega Pakistan' While also announcing that Pakistan never claimed Kashmir as being an integral part of Pakistan. All the notable leaders of Azad Kashmir have termed the statement as a conspiracy against the two-nation theory. Criticizing the statement, the Amir of MMA Sardar Ijaz Afzal has accused present regime of contriving to divide the region. According to the first phase of this conspiracy Gross interference in the recent general elections of Azad Kashmir has been perpetuated and a toady government has been installed in the valley to carry this nefarious scheme forward. President Musharraf has been accused of taking a U-turn over the Kashmir issue and Pakistan does not stand as a strong advocate of the cause anymore, despite the fact that Kashmiri masses have rendered a massive sacrifice of well over 600,000 martyrs for the cause since 1947. The leaders of Azad Kashmir feel that this statement has pained the ideals of Jinnah and Allama Iqbal and no democratic government can ever dare to pass such a statement. Former Amir JI Kashmir Abdul Rashid Turabi has speculated that Pakistani and Indian leaders are conniving something behind the scenes, and a division of spoils is in the offing, while the government of Pakistan has bargained its future re-election over the independence of Kashmir. Chaudhry Abdul Majid, president PPPP, Azad Kashmir, while talking to Online on telephone has accused President Musharraf of hastily trying to win over a re-elect by sacrificing Kashmiri ideals, while condemning his statement and 'endeavors of gaining international fame this way!' on behalf of Kashmiris. He demanded immediate permission for the return of Mian Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto and convening of an All Parties Conference on Kashmir Meanwhile, president and general secretary general Jammu-Kashmir National Liberation Front Maqbool But and Arif Shahid have also expressed their strong dislike of the statement which openly concedes their true designs and demanded an independent Kashmir as the only solution to the crisis. They strongly vowed to resist any move to divide Kashmir on the basis of 'here and there', and expressed the deep and heartfelt sorrow of Kashmiri masses at the irresponsible statement of Foreign Office. Most of the nationalist elements of Kashmir have demanded an immediate end to the occupation of both Pakistan and India and holding of a free and independent plebiscite in the region granting freedom to Kashmir. Chairman Amanullah Khan Jadoon, of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front has strongly berated the white lies and false emotive demonstrations of Pakistani leaders that both parts belong to Pakistan. He said that 95% middle and low-income groups of Kashmir strongly vouch for an independent sovereign Kashmir. Other leaders have also expressed their deep disappointment at the statement and have strongly condemned it as endeavor to shameful backstabbing of the noblest and core Kashmiri cause.Govt sacrificing Kashmir issue for power: Nawaz Former Prime minister and head of PML-N, Mian Nawaz Sharif Tuesday accused the present rulers of sacrificing the most noble and precious cause of Kashmir for the sake (greed) of maintaining its status quo as permanent. While addressing a gathering of district coordinators of the party here, he said that the regime has broken all the previous records of diplomatic defeats, while the quake affectees of Azad Kashmir and NWFP shiver helplessly in the cold. He strongly berated the useless foreign tours of PM, Shaukat Aziz, who failed to highlight their plight in his recent foreign visits. He said that Pakistan has been downgraded to the level of small insignificant states like Fiji and Burma, and predicted an end to the despotic rule at a very near future. He also expressed his total distrust over free fair and impartial elections under the aegis of a dictatorial regime and 17th amendment. He said that his focus was definitely not the post of prime minister but ensure that Pakistan attains its just gains and dignity. He cited numerous sacrifices he had already given like losing his home base, his peace of mind and arrests of his major political activists. He directed the workers of the party to speed up their public coordination and contact.Masses to revolt on any U-turn on Kashmir policy: Hafiz HussainMuthahida Majlis Amal (MMA) has warned President General Pervez Musharraf to refrain from taking a U-turn on Kashmir policy otherwise masses will revolt. These views were expressed by Acting Secretary General MMA Hafiz Hussain Ahmed while talking to Online on Tuesday. He strongly condemned the remarks of Foreign Office Spokesperson Tasnim Aslam in which she said that Pakistan never claimed Kashmir as integral part and the dispute is about the aspirations of Kashmiri people. He said that FO Spokesperson is going in the directions of so-called prudent policies of President Musharraf regarding Kashmir. He said that President Musharraf has given numerous options on Kashmir solution, however all the options have been set aside, as there is no progress. He said that the third major party in Kashmir dispute are the people of Kashmir and they cannot be neglected adding that President Musharraf has illegally grabbed powers and he has no right to present such proposals.


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