December 2006 News

Peace Process Sans Kashmiris Not To Succeed: JKLF

15 December 2006
The Nation

Rawalpindi: Central leader of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front(Yasin Group) Dr. Farooq Haider has said that the parlays between India and Pakistan could not bear fruit unless the true representatives of Kashmiris are included in these talks. Talking exclusively to The Nation Dr. Farooq Haider, who is the founder member of JKLF, said that Kashmiris could decide about their fate and the ongoing negotiations between the two countries would not yield results unless Kashmiri leadership is included in the dialogue process. He was critical of Gen. Pervez Musharraf's wavering on the Kashmir issue and said that by doing so he is not doing any service to the Kashmir cause and suggested that instead of giving formulas for solution Government of Pakistan should sit down and draw some strategy to get over half a century old dispute settled in accordance with the aspirations of Kashmiri nation. He further said that from Agra Summit till to-date dealing with India on Kashmir Pakistan had wavered on the issue whereas India had not even budged an inch from its old stand of 'Atoot Ang' on the issue, and there was also let up in Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir. Dr. Farooq Haider was very clear in his view that no force on earth could enslave Kashmiris who had sacrificed over 80,000 lives and braved unprecedented atrocities to get freedom from Indian yoke and there subjugation have to end sooner or later. The sooner the Government of Pakistan and Government of India would resolve the dispute the better it would be for both the states otherwise the region would remain under military tension and clouds of nuclear war would continue to hover of the region. He said that India and Pakistan should come out of day-dreaming and let the people of Kashmir decide their fate. He further said that the confidence- building measures(CBMs) and opening up of borders would have no positive bearing because there was no let up in the ongoing atrocities and killing of innocent Kashmiris by Indian occupation forces. Furthermore, India is getting all the benefits of cultural exchange programmes, trade and other CBMs being adopted for relaxing the tension between the two states while Pakistan or Kashmiri nation was on the losing end because there was no let up in the ongoing atrocities and killing of innocent Kashmiris. To a question that how Kashmiri leadership could sit together and evolve some plausible solution to the Kashmir dispute in the face of prevailing political polarization and shape ideological divide among the Kashmiris political parties Dr. Farooq Haider said that no serious effort was ever made to provide opportunity to the Kashmiri leadership to sit together and have serious discussion on the future of the Kashmir. He further said that the political people who matter on both sides of Line of Control should be included in the parleys on future of Kashmir as it was the only way to help end the stalemate on the issue and bring to an end over half a century old dispute between the two states. He was quite clear in his view that any decision made against the wishes of the Kashmiri people would bound to fail rather it would further aggravate the prevailing situation in the region. To a question Dr. Farooq Haider said that in his view the best way to settle the dispute is to demilitarize the whole Kashmir region and for five years both India and Pakistan would establish some sort of supervisory body to jointly monitor the defence and foreign affairs of the area while in rest of the matters Kashmiris should be given a free hand to deal. This arrangement should be made for some five years after which a two-stage referendum should be arranged to let the Kashmiri nation to decide about their future. He further explained that at first stage the people would be asked that whether they were in favour of independent Kashmir or they want accession to India or Pakistan.If majority vote for independent Kashmir then the second stage referendum should be dropped and if majority vote for accession then the second stage of accession to Pakistan or India be arranged. He further said that the will of Kashmiris be regarded whether they wanted independent Kashmir or they want accession to Pakistan or India. He ruled out the question of getting greater autonomy within the Indian constitution and said that how the Kashmiris could live with India which had killed over 80,000 Kashmiris and had broken all the records of atrocities and rights abuses in occupied Kashmir. To a question about the role of Azad Kashmir Government Dr. Farooq Haider said that they have no significant role in the Kashmir cause and added that what they could expect from the government which is powerless even in their own domain. To a question about the back channel diplomacy he said that any decision made on the Kashmir issue against the aspiration of the Kashmiri people would bound to fail and both India and Pakistan should learn from the past history of the Kashmiris who had laid down over 80,000 lives but not accepted the Indian hegemony. He said that if any solution against the wishes of Kashmiri people would be imposed on them the present military insurgency could trigger into a full-fledged gorilla war which could go deep into India and could result into colossal damage the state of India.


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