December 2006 News

Chair UKPNP Arrived And Addressed

16 December 2006
Kashmir Global Network

Brussels: Brussels Press Release: Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri Chairman United Kashmir Peoples National Party and Secretary General International Kashmir Alliance (IKA), arrived here at Brussels where he met with Party workers at Party's international secretariat. He asked his fellow companion to throw light on current issues,on going peace process and confidence building measures between India and Pakistan. Talking to party workers Mr Chairman has said that many critics of Emma Nicholson are not paying a due attention which that rapporteur and her wisdom deserve. He pointed out that Pakistani establishment simply criticize and through their stooges in Pakistani Administered Kashmir polity. Just because they are not ready to accept and to update themselves according to changing geo politics. After having a brief report on all issues from Jamil Maqsood General secretary of the Party in Belgium he said that we would have to see and analyze the mandate of the Baroness Nicholson. Her mandate was not to find the facts regarding human rights violations,socio economic development, or some other filed in this regard. Her mandate by the foreign affairs committee and Human rights, her mandate was to see and observe constitutional, and legal deprivations in all parts of former princely state of Jammu Kashmir and to recommend how European Parliament,EU institutions could help,manage such conflict. In this regard the report is just based on facts vice versa its subject. The subject was and is 'Kashmir present and future prospects' It was not to discuss past perspective. So we should consider this report very factual,realistic and update at present. Mr Kashmiri have mentioned that Pakistani establishment and their pro are just rejecting that rapporteur for the sake of rejection and making hue and cry but not propagating that she is pro India and she ignored Indian occupied Kashmir,in fact she did not ignored any part of Kashmir in her draft report. Unfortunately Pakistani establishment and pro Pakistani Kashmiri leader did not understand and are not ready to accept ground realities in the light of global politics,globalizat ion, and civil society moment.He mentioned that rapporteur actually prepared a draft report regarding constitutional positions on both side of LOC and also report prepared on the basis of respective governments claims on Kashmir.He said that Emma Nicholson was appointed as rapporteur on the resolution of A6-000-2006 and her mandate was limited her to see how kashmiri people actually facing constitution discrimination and deprivation.She start her work with the supposition and presumption to see that if there is any constitutional restraints to marginalize fundamental rights of the people have violated in Indian Part of Kashmir in respective of the claim of Government of India and constitutional restraints and legal discrimination which people of Pakistani Administered Kashmir including the people of Gilgit Baltistan are facing. We have to see as well that she would not have to address about violence is committed by either by the state or non state actors. Her mandate was not to mention those things which were not linked with her mandate and objectives of that rapporteur. He emphasized that Kashmiri people should appreciate her efforts to put forward such true facts before world community and specially EU institutions. He further said that those who are crying they should ask President Musharraf why he is trying to bargaining with India on the natural resources of Kashmir including right of self determination to the kashmiri people.Mr Kashmiri reiterated that we shall meet Emma Nicholson to congratulate her on her efforts,experience and recommendations which she put forward in the draft report.Criticizing worst opportunism of General Musharraf that he is using Kashmir for the vested interests. Citing some statements issued by those who are at one hand criticizing the interference of secret agencies,Kashmir council and ministry of Kashmir affairs in Kashmir polity outside,one the other hand they are just trying to appease establishment so that they can win power under their shelter and every one is trying to please them one step forward then the other one.Mr Kashmiri said that we are looking forward EU institutions to pressurize Government of Pakistan to immediately facilitate effected people of earthquake of 8th October 2005 which are not yet provided financial installments, so that they can arrange shelter for them.Finally he said those who are criticizing that report they are actually not understanding the jurisprudence of it.There were many party workers present at this occasion,journalists,and civil society activists.Among them were, M Ishaque Khan president of the party in Belgium General Secretary Jamil Maqsood, Sikandar Abbas, Sajid Hussain, Shahid Iqbal, Mujahid Hussain, Chief of JKLF diplomatic front Sardar Nasim Iqbal was also presnt.


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