December 2006 News

LoC dispute easing, says Delhi

19 December 2006
The Dawn

Srinagar: India's differences with Pakistan over the Line of Control (LoC) dividing the disputed Kashmir region are narrowing, New Delhi's top representative in the state said on Tuesday. “The differences with Pakistan on Line of Control in Kashmir are narrowing,” said Kashmir governor SK Sinha. “Pakistan is opposed to the status quo in Kashmir and wants the LoC to be made irrelevant,” Mr Sinha said in a statement. “We are committed to borders not being changed but are agreeable to LoC being made irrelevant,” he said, calling for a “line of peace and prosperity”. “There should be free movement of people and trade from either side,” he said. He said a solution on the model of the European Union could provide a win-win situation for everyone - - India, Pakistan and the people of Kashmir. “This (type of solution) will enable us all to fight unitedly against our common enemies of poverty, ignorance and disease,” said Mr Sinha, a retired general. “Notwithstanding various hitches and hurdles in the way of finding a final solution to the much vexed Kashmir problem, a solution will emerge in due course,” he said.


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