December 2006 News

Next war in Jammu and Kashmir will be fought in air

23 December 2006
The Daily Times
Iftikhar Gilani

New Delhi: The Indian air force chief has said that the next Kargil conflict- like war in Jammu and Kashmir will be fought in the air, and the result of this war will be decided on the basis of airpower. Delivering a lecture in Bangalore, the contents of which were released here, Air Chief SP Tyagi said that India was preparing for any type of battle conventional or nuclear in Jammu and Kashmir as part of its defence strategy. He said that the Kargil conflict in 1999 was confined to a sector of Jammu and Kashmir. What we are planning today is for a battle something on the lines of Kargil that may actually be fought all over Jammu and Kashmir, he said. Tyagi said, Its firmly believed in Delhi (at the government level) that the next war will be air-led, and the result of the war will be decided on the basis of what airpower is able to achieve. Tyagi said that several nations around India were in turmoil, and there arent many democratic states. Pakistan, ruled by an army chief, was suffering from sectarian violence, and not all oil-rich sheikhdoms were politically stable, he added. Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai had no power outside the presidential palace, where he was guarded by US marines, said Tyagi. He expressed doubts on whether China could remain under a single partys rule. He said that China was politically and economically stable and was growing rapidly, but is single party-rule the final political destiny of China ... perhaps not. He said that while Indias political future was secure, this was not the case with its neighbours.


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