December 2006 News

Quaid never termed Kashmir jugular vein of Pakistan: Amanullah

26 December 2006
The News International

Islamabad: As historical facts pertaining to Kashmir are being put in their correct perspective by the government, a debate has started whether Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had called Kashmir Pakistans jugular vein. Amanullah Khan, Supreme Head of the JKLF has said that the Quaid-i-Azam had never termed Kashmir as jugular vein of Pakistan as contended by many Pakistanis and in this regard if proven wrong he was ready to accept any severe punishment. The Foreign Office about two weeks ago clarified that this slogan of the jugular vein was coined by the Kashmiris and not the Pakistan government. As a matter of fact the Quaid-i-Azam supported independence for Kashmir, Khan told The News on phone. Khan challenged those claming that the Quaid had termed Kashmir as the jugular vein of Pakistan to produce a news item to that effect published in any newspaper or magazine of any date before September 11, 1948 (the day when the Quaid expired) and if any one did, he was prepared to accept a severe punishment. On the other hand, Khan said, The Quaid was on record having declared in his policy statement issued on June 17, July 11 and July 30, 1947 as President of All India Muslim League that Indian princely states had every right to declare independence in addition to their right to join India or Pakistan. In his statement of July 11, 1947 issued after meeting two Kashmiri leaders in New Delhi, he referred to Kashmir and after repeating his stand that princely states including Kashmir had every right to become independent in addition to their right to join India or Pakistan and called upon the Maharaja of Kashmir and his government to think of the interests not only of the ruler but of the majority of the population of Kashmir i.e. Muslims too. The text of Quaid Azams statement of June 17, July 11 and July 30, 1947 have been published in the book titled Quaid Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah - Speeches and Statements 1947-48. On its page 438, how could a man like Jinnah say two contradictory things at the same time. The claim that father of Pakistani nation had termed Kashmir the jugular vein of Pakistan was a concoction and a brainchild of those who wanted to misuse the respect that Pakistanis have for their father of the nation, Khan concluded.


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