December 2006 News

NALC enacts three bills for first time

27 December 2006
The Daily Times

Gilgit: The Northern Areas Legislative Council (NALC) on Wednesday enacted three bills for the first time in the history of the Northern Areas. The new laws are the Northern Areas Allotment of Crown Land Act, Northern Areas Law of Pre-Emption Act and Northern Areas Rent Restriction Act 2006. NALC Deputy Speaker Syed Asad Zaidi presented the three bills in the house during the 14th NALC session, and they were discussed for a week before being passed unanimously. These bill had been pending with the house for the last five years. The NALC got the status of a legislative body in 1999 with the authority to legislate on 49 subjects, but it did not legislate on a single subject until now. The bills approved by the council will now be sent to the Kashmir and Northern Areas minister for final approval.


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