February 2007 News

Seminar on Kashmir: Musharrafs 4 points get a 50-50 response

7 February 2007
The Daily Times

Islamabad: Speakers at a seminar on Kashmir issue and peace in the region on Wednesday were divided on the four-point proposal for resolution of the Kashmir dispute introduced by President Pervez Musharraf. The Institute of Strategic Studies (ISS) arranged the seminar in collaboration with the special committee of parliament on Kashmir. Representatives of religious parties opposed the four-point proposal, saying the armed jihad gave political strength to the dialogue process. ISS Chairman Inamul Haq said the right to self determination for Kashmiris was ensured in the UN Charter and the UNSC resolutions. AJK PM Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan said Kashmir was a natural part of Pakistan according to its geographical, cultural, historical and ethnic dimensions. He said peace steps were meaningful only if Kashmiris were included and the four-point proposal would lead to a solution to the dispute. Shah Abdul Aziz, a member of parliamentary committee on Kashmir, said the president did not take the parliament into confidence while extending the four- point proposal. He said mujaheedin (militants) were a main party to the dispute.


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