February 2007 News

WAPDA clarifies report on Basha Dam design

15 February 2007
The Daily Times

Lahore: The Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has clarified a report titled Basha Dam seismic apprehensions which appeared in the press recently, saying that although the Diamer Basha Dam is located in a seismic zone, no earthquake has been recorded within the radius of 40 kilometres from the dam site. In a press statement, a WAPDA spokesman said that all the recorded major earthquake zones are located in the Astore valley or Pattan area and the intensity of earthquakes reduces due to the distance from the epicentre. He said that detailed geological investigations had been carried out and a micro-seismic network was being set up to monitor seismic activity in the area. The statement said that the dam had been designed with maximum possible resistance to earthquakes.


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