February 2007 News

People's Democratic Party finalises self-rule draft

18 February 2007
Indo-Asian News Service

Jammu: The People's Democratic Party (PDP) Sunday finalised a draft of its self-rule doctrine for a permanent solution to the two parts of Jammu and Kashmir divided by the line of control between India and Pakistan. The party finalised the self-rule draft at its political affairs committee and termed it as the 'most viable solution of the problems of Jammu and Kashmir', a party spokesman said here. The self-rule is to the PDP, what autonomy is to the National Conference. PDP and National Conference are the two main regional rivals in Kashmir politics. National Conference president Omar Abdullah and his colleagues criticised the PDP, blaming it for borrowing ideas from Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf's 'self- governance' design. Self-governance is one of the four points cited by President Musharraf for resolving the Kashmir crisis. PDP took potshots at the National Conference for sticking to autonomy as it had failed to satisfy aspirations of the people and had no charm for the people of Pakistan- occupied Kashmir. Senior PDP leader Muzaffar Hussain Baig, chairman of the self-rule drafting committee, briefed the meeting about various aspects of the distinctive proposal offering a comprehensive set of suggestions for a permanent settlement of the Kashmir issue, the spokesman added.The doctrine was described as a 'multi-dimensional resolution package taking care of not only the external and internal dimensions but the geographical dimensions of the problem as well'. 'The self-rule offers a multi-layer solution involving constitutional, political, social, trade and economic aspects of the problem with stress on political and economic empowerment of the state's people and not its government,' Baig told PDP's political affairs committee. He said: 'It also extends to other part of Kashmir accommodating the real aspirations of the people in all the regions of the state up to the maximum.' Baig underlined the central element that provided for a comprehensive architecture to be devised for the final and strategic settlement of the Kashmir issue taking care of the stands and stakes of all the concerned parties including India, Pakistan and the people of the state.


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