March 2007 News

US refuses visa to Geelani

28 March 2007
The Daily Times

New Delhi: The United States has turned down Kashmiri leader Syed Ali Shah Geelanis request for a US visa. Geelani wanted to go to the US for the treatment of a tumour in his kidney. Media reports quoting his family members in Mumbai said on Wednesday that they were called to the US consulate in Mumbai where they were conveyed the decision of the US State Department. Geelani underwent an operation in Tata Cancer Hospital, Mumbai, a few days ago, where the doctors removed the malignant tumour successfully. Media reports quoting a US embassy spokesperson confirmed that Geelanis request for a visa had been turned down. Asked on what grounds Geelanis visa request had been denied, the spokesperson said under US laws, information about visa applications was confidential, but Geelani has consistently failed to renounce violence.


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