April 2007 News

Lashkar-e-Taiba asks Kashmiri separatists to unite

12 April 2007
The Daily Times

Srinagar: A militant group on Thursday made a rare appeal to guerrillas and separatist politicians to work together on a joint council to help resolve the dispute over Kashmir. We advise Hurriyat Conference, United Jihad Council and other pro-freedom parties to form a joint council to devise a future strategy, the spokesman for Lashkar-e- Taiba told local newspapers. Hurriyat is the main political separatist alliance, but has split between moderates and hardliners. The United Jihad Council groups all major indigenous Kashmiri militant groups. It is the first call by a militant force to set up such a council. Our sincere appeal to the divided Kashmiri leadership is to give up their differences and come under one roof. If they dont get united at this crucial juncture, coming generations will never forgive them, Abdullah Gaznavi said. He said Kashmiri leaders needed to realise their responsibilities and not allow any solution to be imposed on the people of Kashmir. Without the inclusion of Kashmiris, the Kashmir issue cannot be resolved, he said and warned that his outfit will carry on with fedayeen (suicide) attacks and other activities until India gives Kashmiris their right to self determination.


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