April 2007 News

Omar Calls Separatists 'confused' And 'hypocrites'

21 April 2007
The Hindustan Times

Jammu: National Conference President Omar Abdullah had high hopes from the third Round Table Conference, but he is disappointed for the major Centre-State relationship is not on the agenda and on the 'confusion' and 'hypocrisy' of the separatists. 'What is the point of hold RTC if the major political issue defining the political relationship of the State with Centre is not there?' Omar Abdullah asked while in conversation with Hindustan Times. 'The RTC should have been held only after this group would have finalized its recommendations, so that the debate could have been comprehensive and issue could have taken a final shape.' National Conference is in favour for restoration of greater autonomy of the State. It has already given a document of its autonomy report to the Centre, way back in 2000. It is pitching for autonomy and is engaged in a stiff political battle with its major political rival Peoples Democratic Party's theme of Self-Rule. Nevertheless, he said that the debate would be there on some of the crucial issuer. Omar Abdullah termed Kashmiri separatists as 'confused.' They have no idea as to what they are doing and what they actually want to do. 'They also epitomise hypocrisy,' Omar said. Illustrating his charge against separatists, he said that they have no objection in sitting with mainstream parties in international conference, or meeting Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf. 'Why do they develop cold feet, when it comes to be seen together in the presence of Indian Prime Minister?' He said,' the separatists should talk to the prime minister with us. Why can't they share at a wider platform, in front of us.' he asked.


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