April 2007 News

I Would Have Loved To Attend RTC: Qayyum

27 April 2007
The Daily Excelsior

New Delhi: Sardar Qayyum Khan, former 'President' and 'Prime Minister' of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) today criticised the separatist Hurriyat for not participating in the April 24 roundtable conference on Kashmir and said he himself would have loved to attend had he been invited by the Government. 'I was in town at that time. I would have loved to attend the roundtable had the Government of India invited me,' the PoK leader said after inaugurating the Second Intra- Jammu and Kashmir Heart-to-Heart' conference here. Sardar Qayyum Khan, along with 17 other political leaders from PoK, had arrived here on April 23, a day before the roundtable convened by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, to participate in the Intra-Jammu and Kashmir Heart-to-Heart Conference. Strongly criticising the Hurriyat for not participating in the conference, he said if one could not provide any solution (to the Kashmir problem), one could be part of it (the resolution exercise.) 'If we cannot provide any solution, we can at least back the efforts for finding a solution,' he added. 'We all should together find a solution to the Kashmir problem,' he added.


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