April 2007 News

Opposition demands arrest of Sardar Qayyum

30 April 2007
The Pakistan Tribune

Islamabad: Opposition parties of AJK have unanimously demanded arrest of Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan for what they said the former prime minister had exposed national secrets. Talking to Online, President PPP AJK Chaudhry Abdul Majeed said the Kashmiri people were shocked to listen to the remarks of Sardar Qayyum revealing Kashmiri Mujahideen’ training camps in AJK. “In past, Sardar Qayyum had declared jihad as legitimate to get support of people to come to regime,” he said adding Qayyum’s statement reflects the aspect of betrayal. Sardar Qayyum, he said, had been exposed and he wanted to get favour of President Musharraf by hurling disputed statements. The statement of Sardar Qayyum has made the freedom movement disputed. “The former prime minister gulped down millions of rupees in the name of jihad but today, he releases statements against jihad,” he asserted. “Sardar Qayyum is a national criminal and he should be tried in national courts”. He appealed to the people of Kashmir to observe a black day on the return of Sardar Qayyum. One who negates the importance of jihad is atheist (Kafir), said Sardar Qamar Zaman, opposition leader in the AJK Legislative Assembly. The importance of jihad could not be ruled out. He said that Sardar Qayyum had uttered derogatory language against jihad. Sardar Khalid Ibrahim of Jammu and Kashmir People Party said that Sardar Qayyum had exposed the foreign policy of Pakistan. We have been ruling out Mujahideen training camps in Azad Kashmir but Sardar Qayyum had revealed the national secrets. He urged the secret agencies to seek explanation from the former prime minister. Enlightened moderation does not mean to humiliate Mujahideen, he said. Khalid Ibrahim said being a veteran politician Sardar Qayyum should care about the national hatred. Sardar Ejaz Afzal was of the view that all awards must be taken back from Sardar Qayyum, as he had ashamed Kashmiris. Sardar Qayyum wants Pakistan to be a secular state like Turkey, he added.


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