May 2007 News

Manmohan on right track: Qayyum

3 May 2007
The Daily Excelsior

Islamabad: Former President of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan, who has just returned from India, today said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is 'on the right track' and making 'all efforts' to resolve the Kashmir issue. 'I feel Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is on the right track. My own thought is that Singh is making all efforts. They are working on demilitarisation, on opening of routes (to link both sides of Kashmir), so these are within the parameters suggested by President Musharraf,' Qayyum said in a media conference here. Appearing unfazed and undaunted in the face of some hostile questions from the media over a spate of statements made by him during the ‘Heart to Heart’ conference on Kashmir in New Delhi, specially his 'admission' of terrorist training camps in PoK, Qayyum said the truth was camps existed in the past but President Gen Pervez Musharraf closed them down. 'Yes, of course there were training camps in Pakistan and in Azad Kashmir (PoK) also. It was no secret. It was open knowledge,' he said. 'Musharraf closed them down and now there are no training camps, there may be people in those camps but they are not getting any training. I have not kept anything hidden behind curtains. 'We cannot keep something like this under wraps. The Americans know everything, they can tell you the last detail about these camps. In today’s world, it is impossible to keep something like this hidden. We should speak the truth or else we become ourselves liars', he said.


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