May 2007 News

NALC demands 50% jobs for civilians in SCO

12 May 2007
The Daily Times

Gilgit: The Northern Areas Legislative Council has demanded a 50 percent increase in civilians job quota in the Special Communications Organisation (SCO). Member Aftab Haider in the House tabled a resolution to this effect during the 16th session of the council. The House unanimously adopted the resolution. The resolution said the job quota should be increased from 25 to 50 percent for the locals in the SCO. It further said that the SCO Rawalpindi headquarter was the current appointing authority for the SCO and these these powers should be delegated to the SCO Northern Areas Sector Commander to make the recruitment process fair and to reduce unemployment from the region. The resolution said the current 25 percent job quota was not properly implemented, as all inductions in the SCO were made out of the Northern Areas. Member Hafiz Hafeezur Rehman said the SCO was a commercial institution and that its performance had been unsatisfactory. He said the SCO had dug up roads at various points to lay down optic fibres, but the roads were yet to be repaired. He complained about the delay in the repair of telephone connections. Rehman said despite several taxes imposed on the Pakistan Telecommunication Company (PTCL), the PTLC call rates were still cheaper than those of the SCO. He said the SCO Azad Kashmir job quota for civilians was fixed at 75 percent and the same was being implemented, while a smaller job quota reserved in the Northern Areas was not being properly implemented. Murad said there should be a 75 percent job quota in the SCO for the Northern Areas as in Azad Kashmir. Member Nasrullah said the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) had issued telecommunication licenses across the country, but there was no regional PTA office in the Northern Areas. He said authorities concerned should talk to the PTA chairman for the establishment of PTA regional office in the Northern Areas to address the PTCL users complaints on an urgent basis. He said four mobile companies launching their operations in the Northern Areas should employee local people. The SCO had been providing telephone facilities in the Northern Areas since 1976 and there was no specific employment quota for civilians in the organisation. However, civilians had been inducted in the SCO from time to time.


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