May 2007 News

UK Kashmiri parties reject report of British parliament

19 May 2007
The Pakistan Tribune

Birmingham: Leaders of British Kashmiri parties and elected councillors have rejected the report of British parliament’s committee on foreign affairs terming it an attempt to undermine Kashmiri peoples’ struggle for right of self determination. Addressing a meeting at Kashmir House Birmingham, speakers emphasized that British Government must not support New Delhi’s bid to get status of permanent member of UN Security Council unless later accede to implement the resolutions passed by the world body on Kashmir issue. They pointed out that India- Pakistan can not resolve Kashmir problem without consent of Kashmiri people who are not part of the ongoing peace process between the two countries. Speaking on the occasion, former Lord Mayor City Council Birmingham, Councilor Mohammad Hussain said recommendation prepared British Parliament’s foreign affairs committee are flawed as there was no mention of Kashmiri peoples’ struggle for their right of self determination in them. The report also failed to condemn excesses on civil population and violation of human rights by Indian forces in Kashmir. The report, he said was aiming at to strengthen Indian efforts for getting a permanent membership of UN Security Council and stressed the need of coordinated efforts on the part of Pakistani Kashmiri community to prevent these recommendations from becoming official policy of British Government. Councilor Ansar Ali Khan of City Council Birmingham said it was India who rejected and trampled UNSC resolutions on Kashmir disdainfully. India not only cold shouldered international community by not implementing UN resolutions but also failed to fulfill promises made with Kashmiri people. India’s hands are stained with the blood of hundred thousands Kashmiris and the country like India has no right to become permanent member of UN Security Council, he added. Secretary General All Parties Kashmir International Coordination Committee, Maulana Bostan Qadri termed British Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee report as imbalance and pro-India. He said Kashmiri community should launch an organized campaign against the report similarly they did against Emma Nicholson report in past. He said India is being projected as regional power where big powers including Britain have economic interests. But this fact must not be overlooked that Kashmir is an issue that poses serious threat to the peace in the region and their economic interests will remain unsafe unless the issue is resolved as per wishes of Kashmiri people. Councilor Chaudhry Mohammed Idrees suggested to send a representative delegation to House of Common to convey concern of Kashmiri community about the foreign affairs committee report. President Tehreek-e-Kashmir, Mohammed Ghalib said report prepared by British Foreign Affairs Committee on Kashmir had adequately projected Indian view on Kashmir while it overlooks Kashmiri peoples’ view on the issue. He said Chairman of the Committee MP Mike Gapes has already been informed about the different aspects of Kashmir issue. He urged the British Government not to implement such recommendations that are contrary to its policy on right of self determination of people and principles of human rights.


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