May 2007 News

Australian scientist predicts more tremors in Kashmir

30 May 2007
Indo-Asian News Service

Srinagar: An Australian scientist believes Kashmir could experience more earthquakes of high magnitude even as the region is yet to recover from the devastating October 2005 tremors that killed more than 80,000 people.Clifford David Ollier, professor emeritus at University of Western Australia, said here Wednesday: 'I think there will be more earthquakes of high magnitude in this region'.However, the silver lining, according to the seismologist, is that frequency of the future earthquakes in Kashmir might not be as high as in the past.Ollier, who was here to deliver lectures on earthquakes, added that the Himalayan region lacked basic scientific research in seismology.He said more scientific and fundamental research was needed to determine the probability of future tectonic disturbances in the two parts of Kashmir, divided by the line of control between India and Pakistan.


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