June 2007 News

Sultan urges EP to resolve issue in interest of Kashmiris

14 June 2007
The Pakistan Tribune

Brussels: Former Prime Minister Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK). Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry has urged European Parliament (EP) to resolve Kashmir issue taking into consideration the aspirations of the Kashmiris . Expressing his views at a dinner, in honour of EP members hosted by central leader Peoples Muslim League (PML) Belgium Chaudhary Naseer, Sultan said representation of Kashmiris in peace process is must. Sultan demanded for more funds for the earthquake victims and affected areas, by recalling the statement of European Unionís (EU) Commissioner and Emancklisenís report in which it was aim to fund and develop them. Sultan urged EP to resolve Kashmir issue, by calling it EPís responsibility after Emancklisen report. He said several points of reports are admirable, though report isnít exclusively based on Kashmir cause . On the occasion, Member Parliament (MP) Sajjad Kareem assured full support to EPís member in resolving Kashmir issue. He very much appreciated the efforts of Barrister Sultan for Kashmir issue. Addressing at dinner, MP Bajoren Hildon pledged to endeavour their best in including Kashmiris in peace process as party. Brussels City Mayor welcomed Barrister Sultan Mahmood and invited him to address at Brussels city hall.


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