June 2007 News

Mir Joins Amanullah Faction

14 June 2007
The Daily Excelsior

Srinagar: Former militant turned separatist Javid Ahmed Mir today joined Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), headed by Amanullah Khan. The announcement was made telephonically by Amanullah Khan from Rawalpindi during a press conference of the JKLF at a local hotel here. Khan maintained that right to self determination was the only way out to solve Kashmir problem and called upon the separatists to forge unity among themselves.While anouncing his decision to join Amanullah faction of JKLF, Mir strongly advocated complete 'freedom' for both parts of Kashmir. 'Troops should be withdrawn from Indian as well as Pakistan held Kashmir and restrictions imposed by both Governments on JKLF should be withdrawn', he said. 'Different formulas and roadmaps emanating from the two countries are not acceptable to our people and self determination has to be the basis for any resolution process', he added. Mir held that Kashmir issue had been put to back burner and militancy had brought it to the limelight. 'Gun has done its job in inviting the international attention and need of the hour is to speed up activity at political and diplomatic levels', he said He claimed that JKLF had softened its militant approach and offered a unilateral ceasefire in 1994 to pave way for negotiated solution of Kashmir problem. 'But we were betrayed as hundreds of our activists were killed after the ceasefire', he said. Expressing his anguish at what he termed the stubborn attitude of the Central Government, Mir said the Government of India has been experimenting in Kashmir since 1947. They thrusted rulers on Kashmiris who exploited them to the hilt. While hailing Panthers Party chief Bhim Singh's efforts in effecting release of Kashmiri detenues, Mir said 'Despite being a non Kashmiri and an opponent of our ideology, Bhim Singh played a leading role in releasing hundreds of innocent Kashmiris languishing in different jails'. 'The courtesy should have come up from local mainstream politicians who claim to be the saviours of people. But they have let down the Kashmiri community on every front', he added. Mir he added lauded the role of Amanullah Khan in ongong separatist movement in Kashmir and claimed that under his leadership, the movement would reach to its logical conclusion.


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