July 2007 News

Fasting Graduates Climb Srinagar Tower

2 July 2007
The Hindu

Srinagar: A group of electropathy graduates, on hunger strike for the past 80 days demanding jobs, on Monday climbed a telecommunication tower near the Press Enclave here and threatened to kill themselves. Three of them who were denied permission to enter the premises at 5 a.m, overpowered the guard and climbed the tower, carrying petrol cans. The police tried to persuade them but they refused to come down. Simultaneously some fellow protesters tried to immolate themselves. The police prevented them and but six of them suffered burns. One of them was hospitalised with 30 per cent burns. 'We will try to prevent them from taking any extreme step,' said Srinagar SSP S.A. Mujtaba. The protesters said Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad had failed to keep his promise made recently. At one point of time they wrote their demands in blood and announced that their organs, including kidneys, were on sale. 'The Government asked for our papers four months ago. We submitted our papers, and now after four months, it is saying that we are not registered,' said a protester Manzoor Hussain. Electropathy and naturopathy are alternative systems of medicine, but are not recognised by various State Governments or the Indian Medical Council.


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