July 2007 News

Pak Lost Face Due To EU Report: JKLF

3 July 2007
The Daily Excelsior

New Delhi: Hailing the report of Baroness Emma Nicholson on Human Rights Violation in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), Kashmir separatist group JKLF has said Pakistan has lost face since it tried to influence the contents of the report. 'Pakistani lobby has clearly lost this; Although there are many who still claim that they have won even though an overwhelming majority has adopted the report, which they claimed would be thrown out because of their 'brilliant campaign',' London-based chairman of Diplomatic Committee of JKLF Shabir Chaudhury said in a statement. 'Perhaps tactics of the Pakistani lobby were too raw and crude, or perhaps events of mid- 1990s were still fresh in minds of some members of Parliament when George Galloway, a British MP was spearheading the Pakistani campaign in Europe,' he said. Chaudhry said it was later revealed by the next Pakistani Government as to how much was spent on that campaign and the famous free train ride to Brussels. 'Or may be the world has changed and Pakistani lobby still has not fully realised this change, and its implications,' he said. Chaudhury said that the report was 'very significant' and will have serious and far-reaching consequences besides having a long term impact on the Kashmir dispute. The Emma Nicholson report was adopted by the European Parliament on May 24 with an overwhelming majority of 522 votes in favour and nine against it. The report was critical of Pakistan's handling of issues in PoK and Human Rights in Gilgit and Baltistan.


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