July 2007 News

Salahuddin warns of attacks inside India

3 July 2007
The Dawn

Muzaffarabad: Chairman of Kashmir’s United Jihad Council Syed Salahuddin has warned that freedom fighters could resort to attacks inside India if cases involving excesses against women and other human rights abuses by the Indian forces continue to take place in occupied Kashmir. In a statement issued the other day, he expressed concerns over the incidents of rape and molestation in Kupwara and Kunnan Bandipura. He said that it had become a daily practice of Indian forces to arrest the people, particularly the family members of freedom fighters. Families of those people who had been killed by the forces were harassed, he added. Syed Salahuddin criticised the pro-India politicians for ignoring such violations of human rights. He also expressed concern over the foreign visits of some Kashmiri leaders in the name of resolving the Kashmir issue. Instead of visiting New Delhi or western countries, the leaders should work for strengthening the Kashmiris, he said, adding that their visits and talk of some options and roadmaps were creating confusion among the people. Criticising the attitude of some Hurriyat leaders, he said that if they would not bury their differences, history would not forgive them. He asked them to counter the Indian oppressive policies with unity of thought. Syed Salahuddin urged the Kashmiri people to reject any electoral exercise under the Indian constitution and said armed struggle would continue till the complete withdrawal of Indian troops from the occupied Kashmir.


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