July 2007 News

International Conference On Kashmir To Explore All Options For Fair Settlement

15 July 2007
Associated Press of Pakistan

Washington DC: An international conference on Kashmir, to be held on Capitol Hill later this month, is expected to have participation of leading experts and Kashmir leaders with deliberations to focus on exploring all possible options for settlement of the decades-old dispute to satisfaction of all three parties. According to Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai, Executive Director of the Washington-based Kashmiri American Council, a number of political leaders from both sides of Kashmir and prominent South Asian experts from Pakistan and India as well as American and international experts on the subject have confirmed their participation in the International Kashmir Conference being held on July 26-27. The primary objective of the conference is to explore all possible options to settle the issue of Kashmir to the satisfaction of all the three parties - Pakistan, India and in particular the people of Jammu and Kashmir, he stated. Dr Fai said there can be no peaceful negotiated settlement without the full and active participation of the legitimate and accredited leadership of the people of Kashmir and expressed the hope that all sides realize this. Dr Fai said the Kashmiri Americans note with satisfaction that leadership in India and Pakistan realize that the status quo in Kashmir is not an option. He urged Americans interested in peace and stability in South Asia to attend the historic event.


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