July 2007 News

Krishna Iyer Commends Manmohan's Statement

16 July 2007
The Hindu

New Delhi: The former Supreme Court Judge, V.R. Krishna Iyer, in a statement, has commended Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's suggestion in Jammu on Sunday that the Line of Control could become a 'line of peace' with freer flow of ideas, goods, services and people. The statement said: 'Your statement that the Line of Control vis--vis Jammu and Kashmir be made a line of peace is a realistic act of sublime statesmanship. I would plead that it be transformed into a friendly line of sovereign status. Several decades ago, the late Justice Chandrashekhar (formerly Chief Justice of Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh) had told me that Sri Nijalingappa, an outstanding Congress leader of his time, had held the firm view that a Line of Control should be made a political line of sovereign separation, making Jammu and Kashmir an independent State. Justice Chandrasekhar, at the instance of Nijalingappa, communicated this constructive proposal to me. 'The colossal carnage, the enormous material disaster, the traumatic terrorism and the large Himalayan waste of investment in military weaponry, together with countless armed casualties, compel this humanist measure of peace at any compassionate cost an urgent desideratum. 'It has taken so long for Indian leadership, through your Prime Ministership, to declare publicly this pacific demand. Pakistan, if it is committed to peace, humanism and progressive neighbourhood, must immediately agree. I hope Pakistan will have the statesmanly realism and humanity to accept this sanguinary proposal of yours. How alarming is the price we have been paying all these years! 'There are many fundamentals of international jurisprudence to be worked out in a spirit of accommodation and cosmic vision beneficial to India, Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan. I trust that the peace-loving Indian Nation, Pakistan, ruled by militarist Musharraf but now regrettably in the grip of internal violence and a wee-bit of chaos, and the suffering millions of Jammu and Kashmir - what a sweet and cheerful people and glorious piece of Asian geography - must come together as a region of haven and a model of a happy trinity of proximate countries. 'This never-too-late gesture of yours will, I hope, be given great support by the Left parties which stand for socialism, secularism, humanism and peaceful coexistence. I express generous backing for this noble idea and appeal to all political parties and plural communities of the countries involved to fulfil materialisation of this tentative project.'


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