July 2007 News

Police, FC men clash in Sost

18 July 2007
The Dawn

Gilgit: Policemen and Frontier Constabulary personnel clashed over the distribution of SIMs (subscribers’ identity modules) on Wednesday in Sost, 170kms north of Gilgit, suspending the operation of Sost Dry Port for four hours. Sources said the clash took place when a policeman stopped an FC man in civvies from breaking the queue which was made for the distribution of SIMs by the special communication organisation near the Sost telephone exchange. They said the FC man defied the instructions and roughed the policeman up. He was taken to the police station but his colleagues allegedly fired some shots into the air, creating panic in the area. Shopkeepers and traders held a demonstration against the FC and demanded that the FC platoon should be replaced with another one. Sources said that three FC personnel were suspended and placed in the quarter-guard. A duty officer of the FC was also suspended. The situation was brought under control by dispatching contingents of police to the area.


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