August 2007 News

Dr Fai, Sardar Attique Meet Uruguayan Officials

3 August 2007
Associated Press of Pakistan

Islamabad: The Executive Director of Kashmir Centre Washington, Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai and Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Attique Ahmad Khan met with top military, political and diplomatic personalities of Uruguay during their stay there. Among those with whom the two Kashmiri leaders held talks included: General Milton E. Staurte, Deputy Chief of Army Staff of Uruguayan armed forces, Dr. Didier Spertti Badsn, former President of Uruguay and Secretary General of Latin American Integration Association (An economic forum of 12 Latin American Countries where India and Pakistan have applied to be the observers), Dr. Sergio Abreu, former Foreign Minister of Uruguay, Senator Gustavo Penades, Congressman Daniel Pena, Chairman, International Affairs Committee, Cartes Lucas Kamit, Chief Procol of Public Relations of the Congress and Dr. Jimmy Voss Donamari, Chief Coordinator of MERCOSUR (A forum of 5 Latin American countries),KMS reported. Besides these meetings, the Kashmiri leaders' delegation had a chance to be invited by the editorial boards of the following newspapers of Uruguay: Daily El Observador, El Pais, Daily La Republica,Weekly Busqueda Revista Semanal, Ultimas Noticias and others. These meetings came after the conclusion of a very successful first ever Latin American Kashmir Conference held in Uruguay on July 31, where over 200 participants from Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil gathered. Dr. Fai said that the participation of Uruguay armed forces officials, various diplomats, representatives of think tanks, universities and media in the historic Kashmir conference, was undoubtedly a source of satisfaction. The scholars from Russia, Belarus, Brazil, Argentina,Uruguay, Spain, United States, Italy, India, Pakistan and Kashmir presented their papers during the conference.


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