August 2007 News

Musharraf's Plan Can Help Solve Dispute: Attique

7 August 2007
The Nation

Islamabad: Sardar Attiq Ahmed Khan Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir has said that terrorism is not interwoven to Islam and is a condemnable phenomenon as it negates the human values, freedom and democracy He expressed these views while speaking over 'Freedom and Democracy, not Terrorism,' a topic that has griped complete intellectual, diplomatic and political spheres around the world. He said that 'Terrorism is diametrically opposed to religion or civilization. This is a condemnable phenomenon as it negates the human values, freedom and democracy. No civilization can brook chaos. Therefore to all cultures and civilizations terrorism in any form stands condemnable. I condemn it and expect others to condemn it. On this point of understanding the East and the West stand united he added. Reminding international community of its obligations towards people under armed siege he said that International community must accept its responsibilities in discharge of peace around the world for that it has to resolve the fundamental issues confronting this world today he added. Over Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan he asked audience present in the moot that what should people in a state of constant denial for long sixty years do? To whom should they refer their imprisoned fate? When, we the people of Kashmir were promised a just and final solution to the problem by the world's highest body, the United Nations Security Council. Branding freedom movement with terrorism would mean that all those in the world, who attained national freedom through struggle have to undo with their glorious past he added. Over religious harmony among people of different civilization he added that Islam is the religion of peace and accommodation and advocate the principle of coexistence and requested audience to understand the philosophy of true Islam as preached by prophet (PBUH.) While replying to a question over ongoing dialogue process between India and Pakistan he said: that the final solution of Kashmir issue is possible, if India agrees to peace proposal initiated by Musharraf and demilitarize the region as a first concrete step forward that would add up to confidence between the people of the area and instill new hopes among them. Earlier, The Prime Minister was warmly welcomed by chief of the Policy Exchange Mr Dean Godson who also accepted the invitation of the prime minister to visit Azad Kashmir. Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan will arrive home on Aug 12 after completing 25 days visit to European countries. Director General Information AJK Abdul Qayum Durrani told Online on Tuesday that the visit of Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan to European countries was vital to eliminate negative propaganda of India against the Kashmir independence movement. He said the Prime Minister AJK left for European countries on July 18. He visited UK, UK, Canada, Latin America, New Jersey, Washington and New York, he added. During his visit, he apprised the International community about the ongoing Pakistan-India dialogue, importance of Kashmir solution for South Asia, President four-point formula for the resolution of Kashmir issue and current situation of AJK and Occupied Kashmir, he maintained.


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