August 2007 News

Women Militants On Rise In J&K, Says Intelligence Agencies

19 August 2007
The Times of India

New Delhi: The intelligence agencies have warned the Army over the rise in infiltration and an increase in women militants in particular on Sunday. The incident came to light after Hasina Begum was caught with hand grenades three months back in a bid to assassinate the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir. Infiltration of women has been much higher than last year. The reasons arising for such infiltration is that women can easily checkmate securities in the border and other prominent areas and explosives can easily be hidden inside their clothes. J&K had started a women wing a few years back to combat such problems but it failed due to lack of funds. The J&K troops are coaching local women on self protection. But regardless of such precautions it has been said that a confidential note has been sent to the troop heads by the government asking them to move back from the Indus valley border. It seems that the valley's politics is empowering the Indian national security. When questioned for the same, Army Gen J J Singh denied any such orders countering as to why the government would do so. He said the removal of troops only occurs if the government feels that the area is safe enough for the civilians to move around. This, according to him, has not been the case yet.


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