August 2007 News

India forms new militant surrender policy

21 August 2007
The Daily Times

New Delhi: The Indian Interior Ministry has formed a new militant surrender policy after concerns raised by the Jammu and Kashmir government over the old policy. According to the new policy, the Jammu and Kashmir Police, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) will accept surrenders only after prior verification of militants background. No surrenders will be accepted at the Line of Control (LoC). Militants married in Pakistani Kashmir would not be allowed to surrender as a measure to prevent attempts to bring their spouses to Indian-held Kashmir. They would be required to approach the Indian High Commission in Islamabad to bring their spouses to India, Home Ministry sources said. The new policy envisages that surrendered militants will be quarantined at least for a month for interrogation by all agencies concerned. The surrendered militants have to report to the nearest police station every week and the relevant army units will also keep tabs on them. The sources said that no criminal cases against the militants would be withdrawn. Militants surrendering at the LoC wont be given a rehabilitation package of a stipend of Indian Rs 2,000 and a bank deposit of Rs 0.15 million, though they will be allowed to join government-sponsored vocational training programmes, according to the policy. The sources said the new policy was formulated after a series of meetings between the state government, Defence Ministry and various security and intelligence agencies, seeking to end the armys tendency to accept surrenders without notifying the state police and other agencies. The state government had been protesting that non-militants were surrendering at the LoC only to get rehabilitation money.


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