August 2007 News

EU For Peaceful Kashmir Settlement

23 August 2007
Associated Press of Pakistan

Islamabad: The European Commission (EC) believes that a peaceful settlement between India and Pakistan on the issue of Kashmir will bring tremendous benefits both to the region and the wider world. A letter issued here by the EC External Relations Directorate General said: 'The EU (European Union) has welcomed the initiation of a composite dialogue between India and Pakistan, which will hopefully lead to a peaceful settlement of all bilateral issues, including Kashmir, KMS reported. The letter expressed firm belief that both countries must address their differences through dialogue and in this regard it is encouraging that a number of confidence building measures have been launched. It pointed out that the outcome of the peace process must be binding and acceptable to all the three parties to the dispute - Pakistan, India and the people of Kashmir. Moreover, it said, the dialogue will help bridge the divide between Islamabad and New Delhi and would go a long way towards building peace and security in South Asia. And most importantly, this will start a new era of coexistence between India and Pakistan. The EC letter concludes that the EU trusts that India and Pakistan will continue along this course, as this will bring tremendous benefits both to the region and the wider world.


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