August 2007 News

Call to declare Kashmir a nuke-free zone

30 August 2007
The Dawn

Islamabad: The ruling All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference on Thursday called for declaring the entire state as a nuclear-free zone. The central executive committee of the party, which met here with AJK prime minister and president of the party, Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan, in the chair, through an unanimously adopted resolution observed that Kashmiris on both sides of the divide should become a bridge of peace between Pakistan and India, and appealed global powers to play proactive peace role in a negotiated settlement of the Kashmir dispute. Supreme head of party Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan, Speaker AJK Assembly Shah Ghulam Qadir, ministers, advisors and others participated in the meeting. Director-general Serra, a post earthquake reconstruction organisation, giving a briefing told the meeting that presently every school building was being built with five rooms in the quake-hit areas. He estimated the property losses around Rs64 billion in the affected areas. Through a resolution full support was extended to the four point fresh ideas on Kashmir by President Musharraf urging the Indian leadership to reciprocate to Pakistanís unprecedented flexibility on Kashmir for the sake of bringing in an environment of permanent peace in South Asia. In another resolution, the AJK leaders emphasised the need to initiate correspondence communication between the governments in Muzaffarabad and Srinagar besides opening all traditional intra- Kashmir routes for trade and tourism. AJK prime minister said on the occasion that Pakistanís sincere efforts to resolve Kashmir dispute with India through peaceful means, has highlighted the issue around the world. He said that in the three international conferences Kashmiris from both sides showed complete unanimity for a peaceful resolution of the dispute.


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