August 2007 News

After 36 Years, Nomads Start Descent A Month Earlier For Eid

31 August 2007
The Indian Express

Srinagar: It happens once in every 36 years that the holy month of Ramzan falls in September. And once in every 36 years, Gurjjars and Bakerwals in the state start their seasonal migration to the plains a month ahead of schedule. Reason: according to folk belief, the tribes always prefer to celebrate Eid in warmer areas. Normally, Gurjjars and Bakerwals start moving towards Poonch, Rajouri, Kathua, Doda and Jammu around the last week of September every year. 'In view of the holy month of Ramzan which starts from September 14, the nomadic Muslim tribes have started their journey to the plains a month in advance,' said Javaid Rahi, secretary of the Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation, an organisation working for the state's tribal affairs. Rahi said keeping in view the situation, government resources be mobilised towards providing the necessary facilities to these people so that they can migrate without any loss to their livestock and property. The Gurjjars and Bakerwals migrate via the Mughal Road, GT Road, Jamiya Gali, Gora Batta, Nanansar, Ropadi and Dharhal Pass. From times immemorial, Gurjjars and Bakerwals have used the same route for seasonal migration. Meanwhile, Rahi said the Hindu and Buddhist tribes such as the Gaddis, Sippis, Changpas and Brockpas will start their migration in the last week of September.


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