September 2007 News

90pc Baglihar technical works completed

14 September 2007
The Daily Times

New Delhi: Engineers at the Baglihar hydro-electric project along the River Chenab in Jammu and Kashmir have reported to complete 90 percent of technical works. They said the delay in the commissioning of the project was due to civil works on the dam site. Chief Resident Engineer Boris Lazaric said the most advanced and sophisticated technology had been used in this 450MW power project. Even the World Bank expert, Raymond Lafitte, has praised the superior technology being used in the construction of the project, he told reporters. Lazaric said Bhaglihar was the first project that used plasma coated turbine blades, which would enhance its life span by tenfold. He called the project a technological marvel build by human hands. At present, 6,000 workers are executing the project. They include technical experts, engineers and labourers.


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