September 2007 News

US says no direct role in resolving Kashmir, but will 'nudge'

20 September 2007
The Pakistan Tribune

Washington DC: Giving credit to the leaders of India and Pakistan for 'carrying the ball forward' to resolve the Kashmir issue, the US has said it had no direct role in the process except to 'nudge' them. 'Our official stance is that it (the Kashmir issue) has to be resolved,' Boucher said at the Center for Advanced International Studies of the Johns Hopkins University.'I think everybody would like to see it resolved. This has been a great source of tension between India and Pakistan over the years and frankly it has been a source of confrontation recently going back to 2002,' the senior State Department official said in a reference to the attack on Indian Parliament that triggered a chain of events.'They have had a very productive process between India and Pakistan over the last few years where statesmen and leaders on both sides frankly have moved this forward and have had a lot of discussions in very great detail...Than they've every had before. So we encourage them,' he said.'That said, we are not directly involved. We are not in the middle. We are not going to jump in... Partly because they are doing pretty well and they don't want us to jump in,' Boucher said adding, in the discussions he has had with officials on both sides, the United States has been told that it can only 'nudge'.'So we become the nudge officially; and we nudge them and encourage them...But they have been carrying the ball forward and it is a credit to leaders on both sides and we hope they keep carrying it... So we'll nudge but they're doing it nice,' Boucher said.


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