September 2007 News

Pakistan Crisis Has Pushed Kashmir Into Background: Mufti Sayeed

22 September 2007
The Nation

New York: Some progress has been made towards the resolution of the Kashmir issue, but the political crisis in Pakistan has pushed the decades- old Indo-Pakistan dispute into the background, Mufti Mohammed Sayeed, former chief minister of Indian-held Kashmir, said Friday. Addressing the Kashmiri community in New York, he said that there has been a marked reduction in tensions on the sub-continent and credited former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for initiating the dialogue with his Indian counterpart, Atal Bihari Vajpayee. That process, he added, was carried forward by President Pervez Musharraf and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. In this connection, Mufti Sayeed said that President Musharraf had admitted that the United Nations resolutions on Kashmir were not implementable and that the issue could be resolved only through negotiations. Mufti Sayeed said that the bus service between the two parts of Kashmir had also raised hope, and that the Indian fears proved to be unfounded. His daughter, Mehbooba Musti, also addressed the meeting.


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