September 2007 News

From Oct 3, New York To Host Exhibition On Kashmir's Past

30 September 2007
The Indian Express

New Delhi: A 10 pm flight to New York on Thursday carried artifacts and antiques from Kashmir reflecting around 2,000 years of the Valley's history. Starting October 3, a New York museum will host an exhibition on Kashmir and on display will be items which have never left the Indian shores. 'The exhibits have all been selected on a chronological basis when the Valley was a great centre for Hindu and Buddhist learning with Islamic influence 14th century onwards' said Dr R R S Chauhan the Director of Exhibitions, National Museum, New Delhi. The event is being organised by the Asia Society, which calls itself 'America's leading institution in educating Americans about Asia'. A letter from the Asia Society to the National Museum says that 'requests for similar exhibitions were pouring in from other museums across America'. The exhibition will also showcase the skills of artisans and craftsmen from Hindu, Islamic and Buddhist backgrounds and fusion art. The Indian exhibits have been sourced from the Centre for Central Asian Studies, Kashmir University, Sri Pratap Singh Museum in Srinagar, private collectors and from National Museum, Delhi. Director, Archives and Museums of Kashmir, S K A Kadri said: 'Internationally people have a very simplistic view of Kashmir and so this exhibition will show a more richer and diverse side to the valley'. There will be a total of 130 art objects on Kashmir from across the world, including 18 from India insured for Rs Rs 125 crore.


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